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When it comes to irrigating your crops, timing is everything. 


Over-watering of crops is problematic because it wastes water, but it also pushes oxygen out of the soil, limiting nutrient uptake. Under-watering will cause wilt. You could perfectly water by hand around the clock, or you can let AutoWATER do it. 

AutoWATER is a fully autonomous moisture-based irrigation scheduling system that allows the grower to reliably irrigate a precise amount at the right time. When you use AutoWATER, water waste and plant wilt are no longer a concern. AutoWATER will improve the quality, yield, and uniformity of your crop.


Over the last four years, AgriNET has successfully deployed AutoWATER in lemons, corn, and an entire vineyard. In 2020, a hops farm was added, and after years of research and testing, AutoWATER is now ready for commercial use in any crop.   


In 2021, manage your irrigation, not your irrigation crew.


Contact us now for a free analysis of your pump and valve infrastructure to ensure Spring 2021 installations.


This is a precise, efficient, conservative solution to all your irrigation needs. For more information, watch our 11/5/20 webinar with or read the transcript .PDF.

"After switching over to AutoWATER, I was very pleasantly surprised about how quick we could get the irrigation under control, how fast the soil profile responded. We were able to do less water more frequently. I really liked that, and I found the system to be very reliable-- you can kind of just set it and pay attention using the app. I would watch it every morning to take a look at the soil probes and verify that everything was working properly. I don’t think I touched my irrigation system for almost two and a half months. It just ran constantly, so I was very happy with that."   -Lance Kirkham, vineyard owner and crop advisor for Simplot


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