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Why AgriNET?

Customers choose AgriNET because our engineers specialize in reliable telemetry and private data security. We respect the client's data ownership. We also handle in-house product development of both hardware and software to fit any need-- from tank level to variable speed pumps, we have you covered. 

Our telemetry products include RF, many cellular carriers, and satellite. With these options and solar power, our systems work in even the most remote locations.

We offer complete solutions-- from hardware, to web interface with automated data analysis, and if we don't have a product that is right for you, we will custom engineer something that fits your needs. We are also a Terr-Avion dealer.

AgriNET products are designed and manufactured in the United States. We build our hardware ourselves, ensuring top quality in every detail.













About Us

Tuctronics is a family-run company based in Walla Walla, Washington. We have been engineering telemetry products for agricultural control and monitoring for over 20 years. Tuctronics’ AgriNET is a cross-platform application that allows users to access the data solutions created by our unique hardware, as well as third-party hardware. With our app, growers have all the valuable data they need to make decisions in one place, effortlessly accessible via desktop computers, smart phones, and tablets.

We offer a wide variety of control and monitoring products for agriculture, designed to improve efficiency in irrigation management decisions. We also offer tailor-made products to clients-- if our off-the-shelf solutions aren’t perfect for you, let us custom-engineer something that is.

Tuctronics manufactures products for soil moisture monitoring, temperature/RH monitoring, valve control, weather stations, flow monitoring, SMS alarming, crop maturity modeling, disease and pest modeling, proportional chemical injection, and custom VFD and pump staging automation.

Our best-selling product is our soil moisture monitoring solution. The primary goal of this product is to provide an accurate, efficient method to view many probes at once (three-day map markers with budget lines) in order to determine whether any sites need attention or an irrigation adjustment. If all sites are in the green, operators know everything is working as it should be. If some sites show up in red or blue, operators can tap the marker on the app and take a closer look at the percolation rates, providing valuable insights to help make irrigation management decisions, or fine-tune their budget lines. We are eager to take the time to specially train new customers so they can get the most out of our products. This includes helping new customers interpret their graphs, as well as setting budget lines, with continued support until the customer feels confident and experienced enough to set their own.

At Tuctronics, we can fully support the products even if we don’t have boots on the ground in a particular area. Our product support department quickly responds to any troubleshooting needs, and we will ship parts with instructions and phone support as soon as needed. We will always be happy to take your call, whether you have questions about our products or you need help solving an issue.


We are located in the Walla Walla Valley, but we have clients as far away as Maine, Hawaii, and even Italy. Tuctronics has made a name for itself by providing cutting edge technology and excellent support to all our clients.


"We were so impressed with Tuctronics' speed and the quality of their solution that we asked them to design a more generalized system, beginning with cellular modems, that we could sell to our customers." -Mike Dunning, VP of Product Development, Spectrum Technologies Inc.


We are able to manufacture orders of any quantity with our in-house hardware shop.

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